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I am officially done with laying down.

My belly button incision is so close to being healed. I can see it getting better every day and I've lasted nearly 2 weeks laying on the sofa to get as much air to it as possible but I am over books and watching films/tv shows. I would literally give people money to let me play a solid few hours of Warcraft. lol I know logically I only have another couple of days of it but I'm so antsy I'm to the point where I want to burn my couch.

Okay so I'm moaning and I'm fed up and I need to suck it up. Think positive. There are good things that have come out of this that make a few more days on the couch no big deal. I can now eat practically anything I want without pain. I feel so much better in myself. My eyes are brighter, my skin and nails are better, I've lost 12lbs in the month i've been out of hospital... These are good things. I am grateful for them.


Okay. I will be back to normal soon. I will.

*chin up* *heads back to the couch*
Tags: health, rachel is a bad patient, randomness
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