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They did the scan yesterday and I got the all clear about 20 minutes later when the (lovely American) doctor came round to see me. I swear I nearly threw myself at him in gratitude for being let go.

I have to go back in two weeks for the outpatient appointment and then I believe it's six weeks after that that I have to go for the op for the gallbladder removal. Or something. All I know is that I'm back home and on the mend. I'm shattered and my back aches like hell from that godawful bed but I'm pretty much all here and in one piece. I lost 8lbs while I was in hospital but I certainly wouldn't recommend excruciating agony as a diet plan.

I'm getting to the comments from my last post. I haven't had the wherewithal until now really. I shall reply though. I appreciated every one of your well wishes. They really did cheer me up.

Hopefully in a few days i'll be back to my old self and back to causing misery to all and sundry ;)
Tags: fuck yeah!, health, ilu guys, me, my flisters are awesome
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