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Ow ow ow bitch moan stomp.

I have woken up in a terribly sad mood after a less than successful nights sleep. I'm trying very hard not to moan and complain. I hate being one of those sick people that does nothing but moan about their latest ailment so the fact that I want to do exactly that is making me mad at myself which is decidedly counter-productive. So in order to get it out of my system I am going to make this little whining post.

Have a list:
  • I can't get comfortable enough to sleep for more than a couple of hours.

  • My ribs hurt because I can't turn on my side to sleep.

  • The incision in my belly button pulls the second I try to do anything with my stomach muscles.

  • The space where my gallbladder was aches like...well like i've had a chunk of me taken away.

  • The leftover anaesthesia is making my coordination all wonky.

  • I can't laugh or cough without doubling over at the aches and pains it sends ricocheting round my mid-section.

  • I have a general feeling that i'm somehow doing this recovery wrong.

  • I feel like I should be back looking for work.

  • The cat won't leave me alone.

  • The Male won't either.

  • Nor will my Mother or Sister.

  • My Mage got kicked out of three dungeon parties yesterday for being underpowered.

  • I've run out of Top Chef and Project Runway Allstars to watch.

  • The Vampire Diaries is messing with my ships by making me like lots of other ships.

  • Watching Supernatural feels like a chore and not a pleasure any more.

  • Spartacus just isn't the same without Andy Whitfield.

  • Game of Thrones isn't back on my telly yet.

  • The Avengers release date hasn't been moved up to this week, nor has the premiere been moved to my living room.


I think thats it for now.

I feel a little better for that. TYFYT.
Tags: bored now, fandom, health, i am done, piss off!, rachel is a bad patient, randomness, stuff and things, the world is not doing what i want
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