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Welp! That was fun!

I'm back in the land of the living :) Well kinda. Little bleary. Sore but not in pain, surprisingly. I thought it was going to be much much worse than it is. Sitting in my computer chair with the lumbar support is the best thing ever.

It all went very well indeed, touch wood. I went into surgery at around 11.30am on Friday morning and was out by 2.30pm. I was an hour longer than they expected because my gall bladder was, as the surgeon described it, 'a really nasty little piece of work.' lol Apparently it was a bitch to get out and they had to do all sorts of manoeuvring but they didn't have to open me up so alls well that ends well.

I can't praise the day surgery nurses and doctors highly enough. Especially my nurse, Anna. I came out of the anaesthesia pretty well and I felt absolutely fine until I had a piece of toast and got up to go to the loo. I went from chipper, laughing and generally being me, to being hotter than hell, feeling sick as a dog and crying like a little girl. Bless Anna though, she moved me to the window to cool me off and gave me anti-emetics to calm the nausea before moving me up to a ward. The funny turn meant I had to stay in overnight but in all fairness, that was a small price to pay to be rid of the thing that was actively trying to kill me.

I have four incisions but they're healing up nicely already, which is a shocker to me as I generally heal really slowly from cuts and such, but I am decidedly NOT complaining about that. The one that had the drain and was used to actually remove the gall bladder under my ribs makes its presence felt, as does the one in my belly button with the stitches in it, but the other two are not causing me any issues thus far. Sleep is a little hard to come by. If I lay down too long the carbon dioxide they filled me up with tends to shift about and that's a bloody weird sensation. Weird enough that I had to take painkillers to knock me out so I could stop freaking out about it. But hopefully in a few days that'll be gone and I can get a full nights sleep.

So yeah. All in all, I am a happy, if tired, bunny. Thank you all for your well-wishes guys, I'm really really appreciative.

*smishes to all and sundry*
Tags: health, my flisters are awesome, yay me!, yay nhs!, yay nurses!
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