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Holy crap...

I haven't updated this in a month.

That's awful. But honestly i've just had nothing to say. I've been job hunting and thats about it. Nothing remotely interesting has happened in my life.

Okay so what HAS happened even if it's not very interesting:

Went to my mums and did the xmas visit. Kinda. Saw the family anyway. Spent too much money on buying my sister pet food to get her over the winter. (We're going to be having words about that when xmas is over. She should NOT have pets if money is that tight.) Bought Ali a new game for her xmas pressie. Gave Mum some money for herself and Oliver (nephew) so that she can buy them stuff in the sales. (Wasn't giving cash to my sister...I don't trust her not to spend it on something random. Especially considering she spent an hour moaning about how money was so tight and then Barry walks in with a crate of Strongbow under his arm. Yeah, no. No cash for her.) Popped in on my Grandad as a surprise. Think I nearly gave him a heartattack when I showed up on his doorstep. Fixed his Kindle (which is a great little thing btw! Never played with one before that.) and did other techy things for him but mostly just realised how much i'd missed him lately. It was nice.

What else...

Oh! Hospital appointment. Went well. I do still have stones so I am getting the op to remove my gall bladder sometime in the new year. Hopefully before the end of Jan. But the Doc said it could take up to 8 weeks to get an appointment so who really knows. Am quite happy about that to be honest. I just want this whole thing over with.

And...thats about it really. Nothing exciting going on here. Hope everyones having a good holiday season :) I'll try to update more regularly. I miss you guys, but I don't want to bore you shitless with the same old, same old you know? Hopefully soon i'll have something to talk about that isn't job hunting or housework or hospitals.
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