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Ahahaha! OMG.

On Saturday, Dave, myself and a mate were talking about kids programs and how odd British shows were in the 70's when they were growing up. I started describing something I remembered vaguely that I remembered as being one of my very earliest childhood memories. Dave sat there looking confused but our mate was with me. He knew what I was on about.

This is that show:

I know it's not as weird as The Magic Roundabout or Trap Door or Morph but still...

Have to say though, even today it's still better than the Teletubbies.

Edit: In browsing after watching that vid I have come across another blast from my past:

JFC...How the hell did I ever manage to get to sleep at night?? I don't remember these shows being so terrifying!
Tags: mugged down memory lane, sweet jeebus, vaguely terrified
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