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A couple of things.

  1. I'm sick of Dave being at home already and I have another six days of it.

  2. Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes last week. They made me feel a lot better especially as NONE of my family remembered. My Mothers card was two days late and only sent on the Monday AFTER my birthday so, again, thank you.

  3. Livejournal seems really dead lately...

  4. No really...I'm totally sick of having Dave under my feet all day. Would someone like to take him off my hands for a week or so?? Anyone?

So whats happening...Ummm...Oh! I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy yesterday. AWESOME film. Really really good despite the fact that Empire cinemas have tiny, tiny seats and serve drinks too big to fit in their cupholders. I found this out to my detriment when five minutes in I spilled pepsi all over my left leg and had to sit through the whole film with damp jeans. Ew.

But the film was excellent. Some people think it's a little slow to get going but personally I think the tension building is great. I love the way Gary Oldman starts out one way and then changes completely by the end of it. Amazing stuff. It was a bloody acting master-class.

What else...Yeah - in health news, things appear to be clearing themselves up. Of course this means I am in complete agony from the belly button down but at least it means my body is behaving as it should and I can stop being so paranoid that i'm secretly knocked up.

In less 'me me me' news, England has decided to skip autumn and go straight for winter. It's chuffing freezing! I have no idea what happened to summer but the jumpers are coming out and so are the boots. I have a pair of purple Doc Martens I want to wear in. Going to take a bloody age though.

In fandom news: SPN STARTS AGAIN TONIGHT! Well, tomorrow morning for me but you get the idea. Currently this is me:

Closely followed by this:

And I am suspect after the episode I shall be mostly like this while I wait for next week:

Also? Doctor Who isn't blody helping with it's round robin of "LOOK AT THE SCARY THING RUINING YOUR CHILDHOOD MEMORIES!" closely followed by: "Ooooooh. Intriguing. I wonder what that means." and finally: "This is your heart. I am now going to stab you in it. You watching? Here it comes... *stab*"

Watched the first episode of Glee. Current state of mind about this is:

Sadly, they are never joking.

The brightest spot on my viewing schedule is Vampire Diaries.

What? Don't look at me like that! It's really really good! It's way better than Supernatural was Last season. It's got a cohesive story and a great cast even if I do want Elena to die in a fire so Damon and Stefan can just get on with their afterlives. S'good!

Ummmm yeah. So thats about it. I shall be more active on here going forward. I've sort of lost my way with blogging in favour of WoW (shut up - i've got 5 level 85's now!). But I promise to get back with the program.

Right. Of to dungeon...I mean go out in the fresh air... *shifty eyes*
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